Levi Self

Data Scientist

About Me


Tools: scikit, pandas, numpy, R
Models: Deep Learning, Boosting, GLM, SVM, PCA, K-means, ...


Expert Pythonista (>15 years)
Daily SQL user, Language geek
CS grad student

Math / Stats

BS in pure math (2007)
6 actuarial exams


After completing my B.S. in Mathematics at the University of Texas at San Antonio, I began work as a consultant producing predictive pricing models for insurance companies. Around this time, the Netflix Prize was announced, and it was there that I had my first foray into competitive modeling. I am currently studying for my M.S. in Computer Science at Georgia Tech while working full time in a Data Science capacity. My interests are broad, but my primary focus is on designing and implementing production quality machine learning models at scale.


Machine Learning Deep Learning Self Driving Cars Cryptocurrency Blockchain Full Stack SQL Excel Python scikit-learn Numpy Scipy Pandas R Spark Tensorflow Keras Matlab Octave Computer Vision OpenCV HTML5 CSS Javascript MongoDB Web Scraping AWS Location Analysis GIS Microcontrollers Acutarial Science Insurance

Web Experiments

Subaru SfM
Structure from Motion
SfM photogrammetry of my car

Personal Project

TVSift Homepage


TVSift is a web application for finding great TV shows to stream. The content is curated and the app showcases how this can be done with a MongoDB backend with a bootstrap layout. At the time of development, no other application existed with multi-select capability.

Main Features

  • No install
  • Multi-select streaming providers
  • Links directly out to TV content
  • Free!
  • Responsive design
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